Deep Customer Analysis with iPerceptions' 4Q


Web analytics are critical to every Web enterprise. They can tell you about certain segments of your audience - where the visits originated and what actions were taken from those visits, for example. What they lack, however, is a certain "human" element. Analytics cannot tell you if it was the color of the page that turned them off, rather than the messaging on the page, for example.

That's where Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics comes in.

The latest release of 4Q from iPerceptions takes your standard Google Analytics and adds a little human touch. In short, exit surveys are sent to users based on your own analytics data. So, you can target particular groups or even individuals themselves, based on site visits and actions taken, with a detailed survey that asks to provide particular information about their visit.

As an example: Google Analytics might tell you that a particular landing page is not performing up to par. So, you might see that the bounce rate is extremely high. But you might not know why that is the case. Tying in with your analytics, you can send a detailed survey to a visitor or group of visitors to that page to find out why, exactly, the page was abandoned.

Another feature of 4Q is the ability to view industry benchmark data. The 4Q database contains representative data from more than 6,500 websites around the world -- including 30 different industries, using data collected from more than 500,000 completed surveys per month. Access to this data allows real-time, evolving analysis of how users are responding to particular issues throughout your industry -- to which you can compare with your own survey respondents.

The 4Q product is on a tiered payment system that includes options to customize certain elements of surveys, social media links and sharing, CRM options and more. There is, however, a free option that is certainly worth investigating.

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