Deliver Enhanced Customer Retention Quickly with Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Marcus Weber
by Marcus Weber 16 Jan, 2023

The impact of a loyalty rewards program can be immense, even for those companies where it may not immediately seem as though it is a good fit.

Life-science company OriGene Technologies, for example, selected Zinrelo's loyalty rewards program in an effort to maximize customer engagement, retention, and revenue per user and that's precisely what it has done.

With the launch of the 'OriGene Rewards Program', OriGene Technologies experienced a 34 percent increase in Average Order Value (AOV) for loyalty users. Taking into account the repeat purchases, revenue per customer rate for loyalty members is 45 percent higher as that of non-loyalty users.

The program drives customer retention by rewarding customers with loyalty points for account creation, making purchases on the website (1 point for every $1 spend) and for writing product reviews. Members participating in the loyalty rewards program can redeem their points to pay for future purchases on the website or for an Amazon gift card.

"The Zinrelo loyalty rewards program has delivered enhanced customer retention very quickly," stated April Huang, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing and ecommerce at OriGene Technologies. "We wanted to increase the order size along with per-customer revenue and at the same time reward our customers for their engagement. Zinrelo's easy-to-integrate, 360-degree loyalty rewards program was the perfect solution. It integrated easily into our existing website and generated impressive results almost immediately."