Discover the Social Web's Hottest Products

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 16 Aug, 2012

New social commerce site is enabling consumers to discover and purchase the hottest products on the social Web.


The product discovery site is currently in beta, and was recently launched by popular F-commerce platform Payvment. Lish features a real-time feed of items that are trending on Facebook and Twitter in order to help boost discovery for Payvment's 175,000 sellers and their products. 


Consumers also have the ability provide feedback for each product, which influences the items that are featured on amongst the 4 million products that are available on Payvment's seller network. Additionally, the social commerce site offers one-click purchasing in order to make the transaction process quick for consumers on both mobile devices and the traditional Web. 


" recreates the serendipitous discovery and impulse buying experience that makes shopping in the real world so much fun," says Jim Stoneham, CEO of Payvment. "Our vision is to create a place where sellers and shoppers connect in a meaningful way beyond just a transaction."