Ecommerce Conversion for Amazon Webstore

Amazon Webstore doesn't get the love that a solution like Magento does, but thanks to its Solution Provider program, several interesting (and powerful) technologies are in the control of online merchants using the system.

The most recent solution available to Internet retailers using Amazon Webstore (and an excellent example of this) is Ve, a London-based ecommerce conversion platform that enables merchants to interact with customers at different stages of the buying process. Solutions like Ve are quite popular among retailers in today's digital environment as they help to reduce bounce rates, increase engagement and minimize abandonment overall.

Webstore merchants will be able to use the company's software within their online shops, including VeContact, an app that targets customers that abandon sites through email re-engagement. Those emails contain personalized content in subject lines, images, product information and a link back to a pre-populated basket. Amazon Webstore merchants will also have access to VeChat (an artificial intelligence driven agent which helps shoppers find products they want), VeGenie (a performance-based dynamic display retargeting solution) and its product matching app VeAssist.