Ecommerce for the Wearable Age

Small business ecommerce solution Volusion is making its way to merchants' wrists.

The company just announced the release of its new Volusion for Wear app, which will let merchants manage their store from their Android smartwatch. The app allows merchants to review important store activities, such as new, processing and shipped orders, as well as the ability to view a store's total sales for the last 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days. The app also provides push notifications to alert Volusion merchants of new orders and provides order details in real-time. The Volusion for Wear app also provides inventory alerts when the stock status of a product is running low.

"As mobile devices become more deeply integrated with our everyday lives, so grows the need for our merchants to better manage their stores on-the-go," said Clay Olivier, Volusion CEO. "This is why we've invested heavily in increasing our mobile management capabilities, and are excited to have this best-in-class smartwatch app now available to the public."

Volusion also recently released the third version of its native iOS and Android app, which provides new functionality including the ability to direct add new products and edit existing product details, includes secure login using iPhone's Touch ID technology, and offers enhanced shipping tools.