Ecommerce Fraud: The Worst States to Live

With millions of shoppers' data stolen at top retailers and healthcare companies over the past couple years, online fraud is something every shopper is concerned about. This means retailers have to be too. 

Ecommerce fraud prevention platform Forter recently released data about the most dangerous states to live in throughout the U.S. for ecommerce fraud, and where it occurs the most for consumers.

The top 10 "worst" states are: West Virginia, Delaware, Minnesota, Arkansas, Nevada, Iowa, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma and Michigan.

The study analyzed a sample of hundreds of thousands of transactions over six months, through a mix of large independent online merchants (majority from the U.S. top 500 retailers) - mostly from lifestyle, luxury, personal electronics and food industries.

The study also focused on where it's best to live if you don't want to be a victim of fraud - the top 10 states are (in order): North Dakota, New Mexico, Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland and Washington.