Ecommerce Migration Made Easy

Anyone that has ever tried to migrate to a new platform knows just how complicated the process can be. It's even more challenging for ecommerce merchants.

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce however hopes that its new offering will alleviate, if not eliminate, the headaches associates with making such a move.

The company has announced new Catalog Transfer Apps that will help online retailers reduce the cost and time associated with migrating data between ecommerce platforms, importing product catalog assets and customer data from other platforms including Magento, Shopify and Volusion. The BigCommerce offering enables merchants to "self-migrate" up to 10,000 product SKUs and 30 different types of data.

"Switching ecommerce platforms can create significant costs and complexity for businesses, and our desire is to make customers' experience moving to BigCommerce as fast and convenient as possible," said Paul Vaillancourt, senior vice president of customer success at BigCommerce.

"Merchants don't want to be bogged down in highly-technical data migration projects, nor do they want to rely on a third-party to ensure critical business data is appropriately transferred between platforms. These self-serve tools will enable retailers and their partners to instead focus on building great shopping experiences for their customers."