Ecommerce Photography & Packaging Move Under One Roof

Producing high-quality ecommerce images is a major challenge for retailers, but consumers demand them, nonetheless.

Knowing consumer demands and retailers' challenges, Dotcom Distribution, which provides fulfillment and logistics solutions, recently announced the addition of its photography and creative services branch, Dotcom Photo Studio. 

As a fulfillment service, Dotcom has always had its clients' products on-hand in the warehouse, and adding photography to the mix will allow Dotcom's clients to now have products photographed and packaged under one roof, according to the company.

"The photo studio fits in well with our core client base," said Maria Haggerty, CEO at Dotcom Distribution. "Since all of our clients have an ecommerce component we thought this would add a value to new and existing clients.

"Many retailers work with separate fulfillment and photography companies, but that strategy is both costly and time consuming. With our photo studio right on premises, goods never leave the facility, thereby eliminating unnecessary time in transit and the related costs. Additionally since the goods are right here we can get the images up and selling same day in some cases."

The Dotcom Photo Studio has hired Matthew Potenski as the studio manager. Potenski has worked as a studio photographer for several years with brands like Baby Phat, Lacoste, New Era Caps, Totsy and others. Potenski and his team will eliminate the challenges that retailers have when trying to produce high-quality ecommerce images. 

"The world of ecommerce moves at the speed of the Internet," said Potenski. "In most cases, deadlines and turnaround times leave very small windows to complete product photography. Rushing to complete a job in a minimum of time can lead to a resulting reduction in overall image quality.  

"Additionally, ecommerce photography budgets tend to be somewhat minimal and in many cases the adage 'you get what you pay for' applies.  However, investing in high-quality images and multiple views of a product has been shown to drive more sales.  The Dotcom Photo Studio works with ecommerce retailers to elevate their imagery so that their websites both express their brand identity and drive increased sales."

Sample Dotcom Photo Studio Product Shots: