50 Top Ecommerce Platforms to Know

The choice that an enterprise makes about its ecommerce platform almost always proves to be an important one in relation to its digital success. With nearly 1.5 trillion dollars expected to be spent globally on B2C ecommerce sales alone (source: eMarketer), merchants can't afford to make bad decisions if profitability is their aim.

Just as information publishers struggle with deciding which is the optimal content management system for their enterprise needs (discover many of the top solutions in Website Magazine's CMS Roundup at wsm.co/cmsguide14) the software that is used to power the digital presence of today's ecommerce merchants raises a similar set of questions that must be addressed, challenges that must be faced, and real and virtual hurdles that must be surmounted.


The most sophisticated solutions on the market today are truly wonders of modern technology, and they are a far cry from the legacy systems of years past that did little more than provide retailers with an opportunity to showcase products and accept payments. The leading systems on the market today are now fully integrated with platforms for ERP, CRM, email marketing, and any number of other personalization, customization and optimization initiatives. The list of necessary features is long and it's only getting longer.


The solutions that are top of mind with newer Web retailers (as well as the enterprises that have been in operation for years that may be considering replatforming) are those that continually improve their software offerings in response to consumer trends and other key market forces. In this edition of Website Magazine Top 50, readers will find many of the most important, sophisticated and popular solutions and platforms available to improve their chance of success as Internet retailers. While there will likely be many familiar names, this list of solutions provides a valuable starting point for those seeking greater ecommerce success.


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Magento merchants can become more social with a new app from Springbot that provides suggested content ideas (based on store data analytics), multiple store/social streams in one dashboard and revenue attribution by social channel - wsm.co/magentospring



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3DCart recently introduced support for Google Authorship, capitalizing on retailers' interest in content marketing as a means of attracting and retaining customers - wsm.co/3dcartauthor



MarketLive released a unified ecommerce solution that may serve both B2B and B2C audiences including resellers and manufacturers - wsm.co/marketlive31


1. Magento.com


2. Amazon.com


3. Shopify.com


4. NetSuite.com


5. Bigcommerce.com


6. Volusion.com


7. Yahoo.com


8. Vendio.com


9. UltraCart.com


10. 3dCart.com


11. PrestaShop.com


12. 1and1.com


13. Ecwid.com


14. Zen-Cart.com


15. Corecommerce.com


16. OSCommerce.com


17. X-Cart.com


18. PinnacleCart.com


19. CS-Cart.com


20. 1ShoppingCart.com


21. Demandware.com


22. Aspdotnetstorefront.com


23. AmeriCommerce.com


24. foxycart.com


25. Hybris.com


26. MivaMerchant.com


27. ShopSite.com


28. Ubercart.org


29. nopCommerce.com


30. goEmerchant.com


31. Marketlive.com


32. abilitycommerce.com


33. ASecureCart.net


34. PFSWeb.com


35. Fortune3.com


36. Venda.com


37. ElasticPath.com


38. clarity-ventures.com


39. Litecommerce.com


40. ablecommerce.com


41. CubeCart.com


42. bvcommerce.com


43. Intershop.com


44. ProductCart.com


45. eCommera.com


46. Znode.com


47. kartris.com


48. Avactis.com


49. KonaKart.com


50. Infopia.com