Ecommerce Tech in Focus: Commerce.js

Internet retailers have numerous options when it comes to the software and solutions that power their enterprise. 

These offerings aren't always as customizable as merchants wish however, and as a result, quite a bit of customization is required. But what if there was a way to build their own ecommerce solution? Commerce.js by Chec is exactly that offering. 

Commerce.js is a full-stack ecommerce API that allows developers and designers to rapidly create ecommerce experiences for both Web and mobile. The checkout helper endpoints/functions remove some of the more tedious aspects of checkout logic, including verifying if a chosen quantity is available, a discount code is valid. That's just the beginning, however. Commerce.js is integrated with many popular gateways and even offers a backend dashboard designed just for merchants. 

While it's not for everyone, if you're looking for greater control of the experience, and all of the virtual plumbing required for an optimized ecommerce experience, Commerce.js is worth a look.