10 Leaders of Today's 'Net Retail Experience

The amount of technology and strategy that's involved in operating a successful ecommerce enterprise is staggering. Last week's eTail show in Philadelphia provided an opportunity to see the companies that are helping retailers improve and optimize the ecommerce experience for their customers and making the benchmark higher for other businesses. In this week's Web Success newsletter, let's review 10 that are changing the 'Net landscape. 



Display advertising is coming back in a big way thanks in part to big advancements in retargeting. And companies like ReTargeter are leading the way. The solution provider leverages its technology to help serve ads to audiences as broad or as specific as the businesses require, targeting users at any point in the engagement funnel and bringing back visitors. 




It's easy for businesses to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data that passes through their digital properties, but what most need is data that can directly inform action. Sailthru provides such a big data solution, working with some notable brands (Fab.com, Totsy, Thrillist) to help them engage customers through personalization.




Loyalty is a key driver of growth and profitability but add in mobile and you've got a near sure-fire way to accelerate digital success. Tagpoints provides a mobile loyalty solution for big brands and even closed environments such as shopping centers and leisure destinations. 




Feedback and being able to monitor and measure that sentiment is increasingly important for etailers, as the number of customer touchpoints expands. Among other offerings, ForeSee's Satisfaction Analytics configures predictive satisfaction models to measure each customer touchpoint from the customers' perspective. SessionReplay is another product from ForeSee that lets etailers watch customers navigate their webpages and see how they actively engage with a website or app. This visualizes the user experience and improvements can be based on those real-world, organic tests.




With a goal of helping Internet retailers acquire new customers and sell more to existing ones, Listrak's offerings are tailored to the etail community. The company provides merchants with full-service email marketing solutions to adapt to clients' needs, whether it's overcoming deliverability issues or keeping customers engaged or growing online sales through triggered email marketing. One of Listrak's most popular offerings is its "modal pop-up," which is a custom popup design and content with incentives. This feature has been instrumental in doubling many of its small merchants' list sizes and even increasing lists up to 30 times.



KSC Kreate

Blending creative strategies with technology to strengthen the bond between consumer and retailer is the idea behind KSC Kreate. The company, founded in 2001, moved from a digital photography studio to a full-service advertising studio. Today, their offerings include the production of live-action video, 360-degree photography and multi-channel content deployment tools. 




Creating a unified shopping experience for consumers across any commerce channel is key to driving growth and improving retail efficiency. OrderDynamics Corporation is a leading ecommerce platform solution for multi-channel retailers to connect physical stores with ecommerce websites and mobile applications through integration of client data, cross-channel marketing and loyalty programs and backend technologies. Henry's Camera is one company that has leveraged OrderDynamics to offer its customer a variety of fulfillment options and support their own omnichannel initiatives.




Improve your acquisition efforts by delivering ads that people actually want to click. DataPop helps merchants create customized ads based on data that is already present on their website. In addition, the company's technology translates search queries into literal expressions of desire. These insights are used to create search ads that match user intent. Thus, merchants are able to engage customers by presenting tailored messages that match up perfectly to search queries, resulting in an increase of quality acquisitions.




Any type of technology that can improve conversion rates and reduce returns is definitely a rising star within the ecommerce industry, and Fits.Me does just that. This virtual fitting room solution removes the guesswork for customers who are selecting clothing sizes online, as it provides measuring advice for consumers and then shows how a specific styling and sizing of clothing would appear on their "virtual" body. By implementing this solution onto an ecommerce website, merchants can diminish buyer hesitation, reduce returns and strengthen loyalty and engagement rates with their brand and its online store.




One of the hottest trends in the marketing world is personalization, because consumers tend to respond better to content that resonates with their individual preferences. And with Fluid's Visual Product Customization solution, merchants can deliver a personalized experience to each one of their visitors. This is because the technology allows customers to create unique and personalized products. Not only can this type of functionality increase on-site engagement rates and improve conversions, but it can also reduce return rates because the product is being built especially for the individual consumer, based on their choices.