Etsy Customers Can Shop In-stream with Shoppost

Just a few weeks after launching on the Amazon Webstore, Shoppost is bringing its click-to-buy merchandising technology in-stream to Etsy.

With Shoppost, Etsy retailers can merchandise and sell their products in-stream on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr with a post that mimics an ecommerce storefront. "Shopposts" use product details including images, availability, sizing, colors and pricing pulled directly from an Etsy retailer's merchant page. When a prospective customer clicks the buy button in a shoppost, they are then sent directly to the merchant's branded shopping cart for checkout.

"Many of our customers are extremely active on social media, but until now there was no compelling way to engage with and sell to them where they spend so much of their time online," said Kate Lauter at Etsy merchant and Shoppost customer Shop King Dude. "Shoppost gives us that capability by bringing our storefront to life across all of the major social networks with up-to-date info on color, size availability and pricing from our Etsy page."