Etsy Retailers Simplify Tax Reporting

It's not just the big merchants that are wringing their hands about the tax season, the issue impacts every retailer - large and small, big box and box sellers alike. Fortunately, there are some solutions on the market that lower volume, niche sellers should explore. for example, an online service provides a sales tax solution for ecommerce merchants, announced the launch of their integration with Etsy. Merchants can now add their Etsy Direct checkout to TaxJar and aggregate sales and tax data to simplify their year-end tax reporting.

"Etsy sellers are no different than any ecommerce seller when it comes to dealing with sales tax," said Mark Faggiano, Founder and CEO of TaxJar. "Integrating with Etsy is just a step towards our goal of helping online sellers solve the sales tax reporting headache. We're excited to be able to provide these sellers with the automated and accurate sales tax reporting that they have been requesting."

Etsy has hundreds of thousands of active ecommerce stores, which are all responsible for reporting their taxes to both the state and federal governments. In addition to eBay, PayPal, Amazon and Shopify, Etsy's Direct Checkout becomes the fifth channel that TaxJar users can connect to for important sales tax compliance features with other channels to follow.