5 Secrets of High-Converting Digital Sales Pages

Spending resources such as time and money acquiring website traffic doesn't mean much if you're not going to put your best digital foot forward on sales pages - those individual landing destinations where users are sent to ultimately convert from browsers to buyers and interested consumers to active customers.

Sales pages receive a great deal of attention for good reason; they determine your Web success. Let's explore some little known secrets of high-converting digital sales pages and put your 'Net enterprise on the path to greater profits.

Making it Obvious: There's no greater Web usability crime than not making call-to-action statements absolutely clear and obvious. Many examples exist but what's important is that the user understands what it is they're viewing. If there is even the briefest of moments when a user may question their relevance to the digital destination they are on, they may already be lost. Calls-to-action provide a direct pathway and connection point into the minds of users. 

Showing Credentials: Once a website visitor understands exactly what it is the company is offering, there will remain a sense of doubt about the viability of the solution and the relative trustworthiness of the enterprise. Showing credentials to users on digital sales pages isn't an immediate cure, but over time a certain level of trust can be developed - perhaps by repeated viewing. And as users trust digital enterprises more, they tend to spend more too.

Proving Quality/Merit: Even with an approachable, relevant message and some level of trust on the part of the consumer, the proof is almost always in the virtual pudding. The most successful digital sales pages are those that can prove the quality of a product or the merit of a service. In the realm of ecommerce, merchants prove quality by showing high-quality images. In the realm of service providers, they tend to prove merit by showcasing their service and results in a video.

Guidance Provisions: One of the most important questions that Web-based enterprises can ask of themselves is what guidance are they giving to users about what happens after a sale. This is important because only by removing the unknown from the digital experience is it possible to guide users through the conversion funnel. Knowing "what's next" is a great way to do that.

Choice Confirmation: Those "secrets" listed above are fundamental to the modern digital sales page and every Web enterprise should audit their existing assets to determine how well they are meeting the expectations of users. It's not uncommon though for prospective buyers to need a little more digital nudging. Providing something additional, something not available elsewhere (ideally, something unique which is valued by the user) is the next secret to success with digital sales page. Give something away free with purchase - be it an actual product, access to an additional level, or even pre-packaged information - and you'll be surprised at the improvement in conversion rate.

The best digital sales pages are those which address the needs of users, validate the quality of our products and services, and remove the fear, uncertainty and doubt of consumers.