Get in Front of Ecommerce Customers with Native Ads

Nina Best
by Nina Best 16 Jan, 2023

If your marketing solution doesn't integrate with the leading channels (and capitalize on the features of individual platforms), what's the point, right?

Fortunately, not only do best-of-breed solutions already provide such functionality, but they also support the range of features the networks provide (which can be released with some regularity, making it difficult to keep up).

Predictive marketing platform Windsor Circle, for example, just announced a native integration with Facebook. Retailers using the system will now be able to create audience segments based on product, purchase, customer and predictive data fields, sync them to Facebook to create Custom Audience campaigns, and acquire new customers through Facebook Lookalike functionality.

With Facebook's already massive community and its continued growth, retailers may soon begin spending more of their ad dollars in the social space, and this is just the sort of opportunity that they will be taking advantage of in the future.

"Retailers are challenged with creating targeted marketing campaigns to engage interested parties and attract new customers who may be a good fit. With Facebook Custom Audiences from Windsor Circle, retailers have the ability to get in front of customers similar to their best customers, remind purchasers of consumable goods to come back and place an order, or win back a churning customer with a well-timed ad," stated Harry Kaplowitz, Product Manager at Windsor Circle.