Get More Customer Reviews With These Ecommerce Extensions & Modules

Since user-generated content (UGC) is seen as a more trusted source of information than content that brands create, Web retailers need to continue to learn how to harness UGC, reviews in particular, to improve conversion, customer lifetime value and other revenue-driven metrics. 

More specifically, today's Internet merchants need a system in place for acquiring, managing and promoting product reviews.

With dozens of modules and extensions available, modern ecommerce platforms have a plethora of options to help merchants generate more reviews, whether it's through follow-up emails, displaying the reviews or some other important function.

Here are five modules and/or extensions available on some of the most popular ecommerce platforms, which can help retailers get more online customer reviews.

1. Yotpo Product Reviews 

Free and just taking five minutes to install, Yotpo helps online stores generate customer reviews by automatically emailing customers at a set time after purchase to leave a review. What's particularly impressive about Yotpo is that it lets shoppers write their reviews directly in their email inbox, rather than asking them to leave the inbox by following a link. Yotpo reports that its extension helps get reviews from 6-10 percent of a retailer's shoppers. 

Some of the ecommerce platforms that Yotpo works on include Magento, Bigcommerce, Volusion and Shopify

2. Reviews Booster

Magento merchants can use Reviews Booster to get more product reviews and then display them on their product pages. Reminders to leave reviews can either be done automatically (using different criteria) or manually. What's more, Reviews Booster users can create reminders for orders that were completed before the extension was installed, which encourages past customers to leave reviews, rather than a merchant having to start from scratch. Finally, Reviews Booster gives retailers the ability to track their reminders' effectiveness, so they can change copy, images, subject lines, etc., to figure out which elements get their customers to act. 

3. Bazaarvoice Conversations

A leader in getting authentic content for businesses, Bazaarvoice Conversations uses screening methods, fraud indicators and dedicated teams to identify and reject fictitious or inaccurate content. The Magento extension for Bazaarvoice Conversations includes ratings and reviews submission and display, questions and answers submission and display, product feed export, etc. What's different about Bazaarvoice Conversations is that they likely already work with the brands a merchant carries, and can bring their earned media to a retailer's site.

4. TestFreaks

Merchants looking for another solution for aggregated product reviews might want to consider TestFreaks, which will match a retailer's product catalog to their review database and push the relevant expert and consumer reviews (along with stars and ratings) to the appropriate product pages on their site. TestFreaks' features include the pros and cons of each product, daily product feed matching and more. TestFreaks is available on a variety of ecommerce platforms, including Bigcommerce and Volusion

5. Boomerang

Although not a pure-play reviews generator, Boomerang has some interesting ecommerce functionality. It's a rule-based messaging platform, which means merchants can create rules, like to encourage product reviews. Its "if this, then do this, when" capabilities allow retailers, for example, to set the current order status (for instance, "fully shipped") in their Volusion stores so that Boomerage triggers the appropriate email template to go out to the client to write a review.