Got Your Inventory Management Gear?

Getting products in front of as many customers as possible is often the goal of retailers, but doing that online can prove difficult, specifically when it comes to managing inventory.  

Take Got Your Gear LLC as an example. As an outdoor equipment retailer, it needed to not only manage its inventory data on its own Webstore but also on various online marketplaces. This is a common ecommerce issue, which prompted ChannelAdvisor, a provider of cloud-based ecommerce solutions, to design its Webstores Amplifier, which according to CEO Scot Wingo helps create a more cohesive selling experience by efficiently managing inventory across channels and preventing overselling situations.

Got Your Gear just announced it is using this product to maximize its exposure online and automatically integrate inventory data between its Shopify webstore and marketplace listings (see diagram below). Aside from Shopify, Webstores Amplifier supports Amazon Webstores, Bigcommerce and Yahoo Stores. 

Synchronization between ChannelAdvisor's Webstores Amplifier and ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces enables Got Your Gear to efficiently manage its product selection, inventory quantities and order fulfillment in real time. 

In other words, with Webstores Amplifier, retailers can have their inventory and show it to all of their customers on eBay, Amazon and on their websites and they don't have to carry huge inventory to meet the demands of each channel. Additionally, merchants without in-house developers or experience can update their Webstores fairly easily. 

For the unfamiliar, the ChannelAdvisor platform offers retailers and manufacturers cloud-based solutions to automate and manage the online selling process across multiple channels, including third-party marketplaces and digital marketing channels such as paid search and comparison shopping engines. 

The big selling point of ChannelAdvisor is that through a single inventory feed, customers can manage the overall online selling process, from listing to order management, from one platform, which is a bonus for not only selling but also scaling.