Grow Your List with Text-to-Join

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 21 Mar, 2013

Growing your email list can be as simple as receiving a text message, thanks to a new SMS feature from Bronto Software.

The commerce marketing provider has added a Text-to-Join feature to its marketing platform. The feature provides marketers with a simple interface for managing customer acquisition and organizing email and cross-channel campaigns to drive revenue.

"Text-to-Join is a great way for retailers to drive signups because it's such an effective and widespread medium," said Joe Colopy, CEO of Bronto. "With the majority of consumers tied to their mobile phone during shopping, it's a matter of creating a relevant experience using the right medium. In recent months, we've been innovating to help marketers grow revenue by remarketing to current customers. We also recognize that acquisition and list growth are among the top priorities for marketers, so we wanted to make Text-to-Join easily accessible to them."

In order to create a Bronto Text-to-Join campaign, marketers must choose a keyword consumers will use to sign up, and then generate an automated response message to be triggered when a consumer texts the keyword. Additionally, marketers can promote Text-to-Join through a variety of channels, including on social profiles, shipping boxes, invoices, receipts, posters, flyers, in-store signs, direct mail pieces and catalogs.

It is also important to note that Text-to-Join is integrated with other functions within the Bronto Marketing Platform, such as contact management and reporting. Moreover, marketers have the option of adding consumers who sign up via Text-to-Join to a list or to multiple lists. There's also a visual activity report that makes it simple to monitor the effectiveness of Text-to-Join campaigns.