Guiding Merchandising Decisions with Inventory Lookup

Cloud-based order management solution Shopatron has been selected by specialty pet retailer PetSense as its inventory lookup and analytics partner. 

PetSense's ecommerce site, which was launched in Nov. 2014, will feature local, real-time inventory visibility from Shopatron for more than 100 store locations (with 20 more being added in 2015). The Shopatron Retailer platform will support more than 3,000 PetSense product SKUs in total and allow the retailer to see which items were searched for at what location to help guide its merchandising decisions.

"We want to be known as a retailer that delivers great service, selection and prices in our brick-and-mortar stores. While we hope online sales are robust, we are confident that our omnichannel efforts will allow us to connect with shoppers in a more meaningful way. Retailing is no longer separate channels, and we want to be on the forefront of integrating all customer points of contact into a seamless shopping experience,"  said Joshua Patterson, ecommerce director, PetSense. "The Shopatron platform is a huge part of this initiative, allowing customers to look up their local store's inventory without ever leaving their home."

For those that can see the value of implementing a more robust order management (and inventory lookup capabilities), Shopatron recently (Sept. 2014) launched a two-year pilot program for its suite of omnichannel order management solutions that is available on a free/trial basis; representing a rather major change in how order management services are deployed. The pilot program gives retailers the option to select the solution modules that meet their current needs, and the flexibility to add modules (Ship-from-Store, Same-Day In-Store Pickup, In-Store Returns, etc.) as their requirements evolve to include more of the solutions they need to compete.