Increase AOV (Average Order Value) with Ease

Internet retailers will do whatever they can to achieve success and sometimes that means employing some rather clever techniques to motivate shoppers to buy more and buy more regularly.

Here are a few ideas for those looking to boost their revenue, increase average order size and other improvements to ecommerce-specific key performance indicators. 

+ Value Thresholds: Consider establishing a monetary threshold for free shipping as it is a powerful way to increase average order value.

+ Formal Recommendations: Personalization makes it possible to deliver products that not only only consumers, but drive up profits as well.

+ Cashback Vouchers: Establishing a cashback program on purchases can also increase average order value. 

+ Product Bundles: You Save is a powerful phrase for consumers because shoppers do respond when presented with products they need. 

As an Internet retailer, what tactics have you used to increase your average order value? Share your experience with other website Magazine readers now!