Increase Traffic Through User Generated Content

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 06 Jun, 2014

With so many companies vying for customers' attention today, it's important to engage with them at every possible turn.

Janrain, a provider of customer management technology, has recently announced the launch of a customer engagement solution called Janrain User Generated Content (UGC). UGC, for those who dont know, is any form of content that is contributed by consumers or end-users for others to see. By allowing customers to interact with each other and share content via social media, companies are enabling invaluable communication between themsleves and current as well as potential customers.

By deploying Janrain UGC, marketers and brands will allow for customers to engage in real-time conversations between one another, comment on articles and share content through major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The hope is that these social capabilities will help to drive traffic to brands' websites, ultimately creating user generated marketing (a campaign that allows customers to participate in the marketing process as well as create advertising content).  

"Janrain UGC turns any site into a highly engaging social experience and gives consumers compelling reasons to share their social data with their favorite brands," said Larry Drebes, chief executive officer of Janrain. "When attention is the most valuable commodity, brands have to craft highly personal social experiences that people will want to share with their friends and return to again and again."