Keeping Exclusive-Offer Cheaters At Bay

Whether it's Veteran's Day, Memorial Day or simply a time a company wants to show gratitude, military-exclusive discounts are common in the world of commerce. Just like every other promotion, however, there are those who will take advantage of offers not intended for them.


Grizzly Industrial, Inc., quickly found this to be the case when it wanted to create a military appreciation program. Through the help of eligibility verification platform SheerID, Grizzly saw that 17 percent of customers who tried to redeem one of their military-only promotional offers did not qualify. What's more, nearly 50 percent of the customers who didn't qualify claimed to be veterans. This could obviously hurt Grizzly's bottom line, but since it used SheerID, only those who truly qualified for the offers could redeem them.


Grizzly used the technology to create offers for three holidays, and as word spread, Grizzly saw a 15 percent increase in interest between their first sale and their third.


Aside from military verification, SheerID also works with companies to verify students, teachers and other select segments that brands want to offer exclusive discounts to.