LivingSocial Adds Personalization Gems

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 08 Jul, 2014

LivingSocial is getting personal with daily deal shoppers, as the company has introduced some new personalization features to its service.

For starters, LivingSocial unveiled a "Daily Gem" initiative, which provides consumers with a chance to save more on certain deals based on shoppers' preferences. The Daily Gem deal is featured on shoppers' LivingSocial accounts, and will also be delivered via email every day. If used by 3:00 p.m. local time, the Daily Gem will save shoppers an extra 15 percent.

In addition to the Daily Gem, LivingSocial is also giving merchants more control over their promotions. For example, through the LivingSocialFlex and LivingSocialSelect programs, merchants can get their deal published on LivingSocial's website and mobile app in as little as five days. Plus, businesses have the ability to reach a more targeted audience through email in order to increase the chances of conversions.

"We know that no shopper or merchant is exactly alike, and our new personalized deals and customized promotional offerings will enable us to deliver more value than ever before," said Jake Maas, Executive vice president, business operations at LivingSocial. "This is just the latest step in our efforts to refine our services to better connect merchants with the shoppers that want their deals."