Looking Outward: Visual Merchandising for Retailers

The most successful retailers are those that are able to differentiate their services from the competition, and those who embrace technology to do that are often orders of magnitude more profitable than those that do not. 

San Jose, California-based Outward Inc. recently introduced a solution that aims to break the merchandising bottleneck that has plagued retailers for decades, announcing a 3D-based platform that enables its customers to create and manage photorealistic, interactive digital experiences covering a wide range of product categories and across all of their digital channels.

From interactive product page experiences, collaborative space planning tools to immersive experiences involving augmented reality or virtual reality, the company is positioned to help their customers deploy a highly relevant, targeted experience at any point in the customer journey. Outward's technology and data-driven approach delivers large volumes of digital assets with practically infinite SKU scalability and helps enterprise customers "future-proof" their merchandising efforts.

"We have created an end-to-end visual capability that mitigates the need to rely on photography alone, and helps maximize our customers' digital marketing to thrive in this new environment," says Clarence Chui , Co-founder & CEO of Outward, Inc. "a new model today's world needed. Budgets haven't changed. Trucks haven't changed. But expectations at the customer end of the chain have been changing for years, and manufacturers now have the ability to create nearly anything. We've figured out how to bridge that gap between manufacturing and merchandising, while delivering consistent retail experiences no matter where consumers engage with the brand."