Measure Product Content Effectiveness

Ecommerce merchants are quickly learning that they just can't beat Amazon - so they must join them!

With such a hyper-competitive market however, it's not easy for sellers to drive new business through the Amazon platform. One way that they can, however, is to optimize their product content. The question is, how does your content perform right now?

Product content management (PCM) platform Salsify has just released a new free tool that will allow manufacturers to measure the effectiveness of their product page content on retail websites. The tool is limited to Amazon for now but the company indicated that additional retailers are expected to be added in the near future.

So, how does it work? Salsify's Product Content Grader essentially applies machine learning to its existing database of industry benchmarks, retail sales metrics and product content (which just so happens to include more than nine million products) to deliver an overall content score for specific product pages.

Users of the system are able to search a brand name and receive specific scores and customized recommendations for up to ten product pages across six categories including product descriptions, product names, feature bullets, images and ratings and reviews. This analysis, according to the company, can then be used to validate the strength of content and drive improvements.

"To create differentiated consumer experiences, brands and retailers need to work faster and more closely than ever before," said Jason Purcell, co-founder and CEO at Salsify.

"That can only be achieved by applying data science to the problem. Using the aggregated learnings from thousands of brands across one of the industry's largest product content databases, brands receive a blueprint for improvement in product page performance to deliver a better experience for the shopper."