Merchants Strap Up, Go Responsive with Miva

Responsive design is certainly a trend that savvy ecommerce merchants are paying greater attention to; and so are software developers. Ecommerce solution MivaMerchant, for example, just released a new bootstrap framework for its Miva Store owners.

The fully responsive framework leverages many of Bootstrap's best features including homepage sliders, drop-down navigation, modal windows and what's more, supports all of Miva's built-in features - from its "Image Machine" to its breadcrumb navigation. Since it's a framework, however, developers can essentially build what they want

"The goal in creating the framework was to provide our development community a foundational framework to build responsive websites for their clients," said Brennan Heyde, VP of Developer Relations at Miva Merchant. "This framework will help our developer community build better websites, faster than ever before."

The Bootstrap framework was designed to be installed when building a new store on the Miva platform from scratch. While it can be used on a production site out of the box by adding a logo and some styling, Miva Merchant's vision for the framework goes much further. "We hope developers use this as a starting point and implement their own custom designs on top of it," Heyde said. "We're excited to see what creative uses the Miva Developer community comes up with."