MobiCart Adds Campaign Management Tools, New Payment Gateways

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 24 Sep, 2014

MobiCart has unveiled the next generation of its m-commerce platform, which aims to provide retailers with improved commerce capabilities, including campaign management tools and payment gateways.

With MobiCart 2.0, m-commerce merchants have access to campaign management tools, more payment gateways, new templates, improved support for mobile devices and an application beta test site. The new campaign management tools, for example, enable merchants to view analytics from campaigns in real-time, as well as deliver location-based alerts directly to user handsets and target customers in a company's existing marketing database to receive offers like coupons. 


"We see significant demand for mobile-first commerce solutions, and MobiCart 2.0 brings new functionalities to our enterprise customer base that will improve how they are able to do business," said Mei Holt, MobiCart business development lead. "The enhanced capabilities, previously only found in the marketing campaigns of high-end installations such as malls and large retailers, will now be accessible to small-and-midsized enterprises and meet regionally-specific mobile commerce needs."


It is also important to note that in addition to PayPal and Zooz, MobiCart 2.0 supports new payment gateways including iPay88, Stripe and 2C2P. With this expansion of payments, global merchants can leverage payment options that are optimized for the U.S., Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. Moreover, version 2.0 offers support for ecommerce systems different than those in the U.S. by providing users with regionally-based shipping options, like paying cash upon delivery for orders placed online.


MobiCart 2.0 also offers new customizable templates and improved user interface options for a variety of retail categories, including clothing and fashion, food and beverage, electronics, business and services, sports and more. Lastly, with MobiCart's update, merchants have access to an app beta site so they can test and fix apps before official submission to an App Store. While MobiCart 2.0 is currently available, new template views will be available for use October 1st.