Mobile Coupons in Action; On Social & In-Store

As consumers increase their use of digital coupons on mobile devices (and on social networks), retailers are set to enjoy a rather joyful holiday season.

CodeBroker, which provides "shopper marketing" solutions, announced in early November that its platform has delivered more than 125 million mobile coupons through retail outlets to date. What's more, its retail partners are enjoying above average coupon redemption rates - in the range of 30-50 percent - for on-demand or pull coupons (and up to 10 percent for push coupons).

"The acceptance of digital coupons has continued to grow rapidly, and our technology has made it easy for retailers to take advantage of this revolution," said Dan Slavin, CodeBroker founder and CEO. "Consumers want relevant, timely coupons on their mobile devices and CodeBroker lets its retail partners answer this demand."

Codebroker also recently (early December '13) announced a new feature which gives retailers the ability to deliver Facebook offers. With CodeBroker's Smart Coupons for Facebook feature, retailers know when offers were received, viewed and redeemed, providing a clear view into the consumer purchase funnel because offers are only assigned to a unique Facebook ID - as opposed to cookies. When the allotted number of offers has been dispensed (a feature which limits the liability of the retailer should an offer go viral) the promotion ends.