Mobile Traffic Increases, Sales Decrease

Mobile traffic continues to impress, as a new report from Affiliate Window reveals that the company saw an increase in mobile traffic across its network in February.


In fact, the report reveals that one in every five clicks originated from a mobile device during February, which is a considerable increase from last year when the company saw just 9.6 percent of total network traffic come through mobile devices.



However, despite the increase in mobile traffic, sales through mobile devices actually decreased in February, down to 13.7 percent from 13.97 percent in January. That being said, advertisers should remember that mobile visitors often times are using their devices to look up information such as the location of the nearest store, rather than using their devices to make purchases.


When breaking down mobile sales by device, the report unsurprisingly shows Apple devices drive the most conversions. In fact, during week 8, 59.23 percent of mobile sales originated from an iPad, while 19.83 percent of mobile sales originated from an iPhone and only 14.54 percent came from an Android device.



Other important data from Affiliate Window's February Mobile Update reveals that even though there was a drop in mobile sales during February, overall conversion rates remained the same as January - at 3.43 percent. It is important to note, however, that according to the study, the drop off in the share of sales through mobile devices is due to an improvement in the conversion rates across desktops as opposed to a drop off in mobile conversion rates. Desktop conversion rates, for example, increased to 5.64 percent, while the conversion rates of iPads also increased to 5 percent. That said, the conversion rates of iPhone, Android and other devices remained consistent with January, while Blackberry conversion rates dropped to 8.29 percent.