Net-Results Integrates with

Net-Results, a leader in the marketing automation solutions industry has announced they have integrated their platform with - the widely-used CRM.

"Net-Results' intuitive and comprehensive lead behavior tracking and management system provides a huge benefit to existing customers who are running lean in this economy and can't afford to lose a good lead or waste time on weak prospect," said Net-Results CEO, Michael Ward. "Having accurate and detailed prospect activity data available in real-time accelerates the sales cycle that impacts your company's bottom line."

Part of what's now capable for clients includes detailed, real-time summary data such as visitor information (recent visits, pages viewed visit duration, referral source and more), contacts and leads.

Net-Results provides sales and marketing tools that help define prospects visiting your website on an individual level. Behavior is tracked so that website owners can customize their approach to users based on your own parameters. Together, these solutions look to provide a streamlined marketing and sales strategy.

The integration is available at AppExchange.