New Bidding Techniques for Google Shopping

A new suite of bidding strategies/techniques for Google Shopping Campaigns has been released, providing ecommerce advertisers some useful additional options as the holiday season approaches.

The bidding strategies, which follow last year's launch of reporting and campaign management features like Auction Insights, enable advertisers to move beyond max CPC bidding, delivering specific bids for each auction tailored to user's context.

The new bidding strategies include Maximize Clicks (that automatically adjust bids, which is ideal for those wanting to capture as much traffic as possible within a set budget), Enhanced CPC (which dynamically optimizes on top of bids in real-time and is ideal for advertisers managing their own bids or using third-party bidding platforms), and Target ROAS (which is still in beta). The Target ROAS technique enables advertisers to choose their own desired ROAS (return on ad spend) and bid dynamically so that products that drive more revenue get higher bids.