New Navigation Options Come to Corecommerce

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 28 Mar, 2013

A new software update from ecommerce platform Corecommerce includes a combination of new features and integrations to help meet the growing needs of current customers.

Among the updates are two new types of navigation options, a drop down and mega menu, which can be accessed in the merchant's admin area. The menu options allow them to customize how their navigation appears on their storefronts, which assists them in creating a more user-friendly environment. The mega menu option, for example, gives users the ability to use and organize images, code and text in addition to links, which can make it easier for consumers to find exactly what they are searching for on the site.

Moreover, Corecommerce released updates to payment processors PayPal and Braintree. The new PayPal feature allows merchants who have multiple currencies enabled to choose which currency to send to PayPal, while the Braintree Blue and Orange integrations have been upgraded to give merchants the choice to process payments with authorize and capture or authorize only within their store's admin area.

"Our community of fantastic merchants play a big role in deciding which features are most beneficial to add. We are dedicated to continually striving to make our software the very best in order to benefit our customers," said CEO Matt DeLong.

It is also important to note that the Nivo Slider gallery has been updated to identify photo dimensions, as well as offers merchants the ability to add a background color to the slider. Additionally, Corecommerce stores can create a custom message for purchases made with money orders, which will appear on a printer-friendly customer order receipt. 

Lastly, Corecommerce merchants using the QuickBooks integration should know that a purchase order column has been added to the account order history, which can be searched by using the purchase order number.