New School Retailers Selling on Sears

Sell on Sears, Fulfilled by Sears and Local Marketplace are three recently launched Sears ecommerce services aimed to help businesses of all sizes grow their business.

This new suite of solutions serves as the B2B arm for Sears and can be leveraged with a single registration.

Sell on Sears - Merchants can list their products on and make them available for customers on the popular website, which empowers retailers to grow their customer base and their sales. Additionally, sellers can benefit from Sears Holding Corporation's fast-growing Shop Your Way Rewards loyalty program. This means, buyers will be incentivized to purchase products without any additional cost to sellers. It is important to note that the points cannot be redeemed for Sell on Sears products.

Fulfilled by Sears - With this service, sellers can ship Sears their inventory, and Sears will store it for them. Once a product sells, Sears will pick, pack and ship it. There is no limit on the number of items a merchant needs to offer. The top two benefits of this service are time management and efficiency. For example, if a seller uses Sears's fulfillment services, they don't have to worry about renting or buying a warehouse, staffing it, heating it, etc.

Local Marketplace - Using Sears's fulfillment group, a stereo seller in Chicago, for example, can offer in-store, same-day pickup. There is also a home-delivery option.