New Upgrades to GoECart Keep Online Retailers On-Trend

Subscription services are hot, but not all retailers (1) know how to get in the game and (2) have the support from their ecommerce solution(s) to do so.

This week, GoECart has announced major updates to its flagship ecommerce suite, GoECart 360, including native support for continuity programs. GoECart 360 will now feature a new subscription module that allows customers to subscribe to one or more products on the merchant's website, automatically placing orders according to the schedule designated by the customer.

With this feature available on some products within Amazon, and the virality of services like StitchFix, Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club, this should come as a welcomed addition for retailers not wanting to miss the recurring revenue that this model provides them and the convenience it offers customers (when executed well).

In addition to subscription features, GoECart has announced more than 200 features and enhancements to its ecommerce suite, including:

- Increased security - locks admin accounts for 24 hours after six continuous failed login attempts.

- CRM tools - offers Facebook login, back-in-stock notifications, instant delivery confirmations, new data tracking and analysis and the ability to create and manage a points-based loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases and social actions that can be redeemed toward purchases.

- New API functionalities - extends the platform with features like inventory updates and adjustments, vendor purchase orders and CRM tasks.

- B2B product configurator - allows shoppers to customize products to their specific needs.

- Facebook compatibility - imports Facebook data to custom fields when placing an order.

- Ship-from-store and order fulfillment optimization - integrates inventory across stores and warehouses to get the best delivery option and allows merchants to track the time spent in each step of the fulfillment process to identify bottlenecks, speed up processes and reduce costs.

- Pre-built integrations with other popular ecommerce platforms - integrates with popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce, which join previously supported integrations with Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and

Taking advantage of the features above will certainly help retailers keep up with current demands that shoppers place on merchants, like the ability to use social login, get deliveries faster and be incentivized to buy. GoECart's update allowing retailers to create and manage a loyalty program comes at a perfect time in that it offers merchants the flexibility to determine rewards for purchases and social sharing.

While the rewards can be used toward future purchases (which is great if the retailer allows shoppers to accrue rewards quickly as they will leave if they don't according to Software Advice), it might be beneficial for retailers to offer free shipping to their members as well, which allows them to keep up with the demand for free shipping while growing their program and rewarding members. In fact, consumers are even willing to pay for loyalty program membership (largely due to Amazon Prime), especially when it includes free shipping for the year.