One-Click Wonder; Find Innovative Tech in the Mozu Marketplace

Enterprise ecommerce platform Mozu announced the launch of an integration marketplace featuring apps, accelerators, widgets and extensions for its clients from select third-party solution vendors.

The new Mozu Marketplace features commerce-related technology from companies including Amplience, Avalara, PayPal, Salesforce and many others. One of the interesting aspects of the new integration marketplace is that it offers one-click installation of these third-party offerings (placing hosted code into tenant sandboxes).

Need a payment system? Choose PayPal. Need a way to collect taxes? Choose Avalara. Want to integrate a CRM? Go with Salesforce.

Mozu, of course, isn't unique in offering a marketplace featuring partner solutions to help its clients deliver a more fulfilling omnichannel experience. It is, however, delivering it at the right time. According to Gartner research, "by 2018, more than 50 perent of commerce sites will integrate technologies from more than 15 vendors to deliver a digital customer experience."

The early parts of each calendar year for merchants and retailers (offline and off) are spent researching solutions to which they can replatform or migrate to, and this year, Mozu will likely be on that list for many enterprises. The availability of a marketplace shouldn't be the deciding factor in whether to switch solutions, but it is an important one if keeping up with ecommerce trends and making the best use of the technology available is a priority.

"Often, the overwhelming amount of technology options can actually get in the way of retail innovation," said Jason Wallis, CTO of Mozu. "We've set up the Mozu Marketplace as a go-to resource for retailers to quickly integrate with the industry's leading commerce technologies through our one-click integration. We focused on taking the guesswork out of ecommerce, so that retailers can focus on running their business, and increasing revenues and profitability."