Order Dynamics Merchant Lets Users Shops Socially

Ecommerce platform provider Order Dynamics announced last week that social media platform ShopSocially is now available within its integration network H.I.V.E (Highly Integrated Virtual Environment). For one multi-channel retailer (Walking on a Cloud) the results have been quite impressive.

ShopSocially allows online shoppers to either share a brand on Facebook prior to a purchase, or share recently-purchased items for entry into contests, or to receive discounts on future purchases. The results for merchants of course is an increase in web traffic, increased revenue and optimized exposure.

As an OrderDynamics merchant, Walking on a Cloud ran several campaign promotions through their weekly email newsletters offering a 20 percent discount off all products for the day. The result? The retailer grew their social media fanbase by more than 70% in under two weeks. But that's not all - 47.8 percent of email recipients actually used the coupon code from "Liking" the retailers Facebook page.

"Growing our online fanbase has been a big priority for us over the past few months," said Mark Zuckier, President of Walking on a Cloud's ecommerce division. "We've tried several strategies in the past, but nothing has generated the kind of results ShopSocially has for us. Having the pre-built integration into the OrderDynamics platform made turning on ShopSocially fast and extremely seamless. We need this kind of flexibility to keep pace with our evolving customers," he added.