Paid Search for Brick & Mortar Advertising

Businesses with an offline presence (and yes, they still exist) may still be hesitant to advertise with paid search campaigns because the ability to measure performance and obtain ROI data as it relates to driving brick and mortar transactions has been lacking historically.

That will likely change in the future as new technologies emerge, but a few solutions already exist and deserve a closer look. RevTrax and Marin Software for example announced a partnership last week that will see advertisers and agency clients using the Marin paid search platform to connect their paid search promotions (and analytics) to transactions which occur at physical stores courtesy of the RevTrax' platform which offers printable coupons that feature a unique barcode or promo code that are redeemed in-store.

"Today's partnership with Marin Software opens the door for myriad national advertisers and agencies to unlock the cross-channel revenue-driving power of paid search while taking advantage of a joint set of tools to manage bid optimization, analyze store-by-store performance and tailor campaigns based on performance data," said Jonathan Treiber, co-founder and CEO, RevTrax.