Payment Flexibility with Miva, Square

The choices that retailers make in relation to payments can make or break their digital enterprise, which is why selecting an ecommerce system that supports multiple vendors is so important. 

Most of the best systems already do that of course, but they are continually adding new providers and they often warrant closer examination. 

Ecommerce platform Miva, for example, recently announced a new integration with Square that will enable merchants to authorize, capture, void, or refund payments directly from within the Miva administration area. 

The new integration with Square brings several key benefits to Miva merchants including quick setup, real-time sales data, fast deposits, and simple pricing per transaction or swipe. Plus, Square provides advanced security like chargeback protection and fraud detection to ensure merchant and customer data remains safe and secure.

Brennan Heyde, VP of Developer Relations says, "We are excited about this partnership between Square and Miva. Square gives our merchants the tools they need to offer more payment flexibility and provide their customers with a better online shopping experience."

Merchants can expect additional inventory management functionality like real-time product and inventory syncing via Miva and Square added later this year. Best of all, a Square account can be created in just a few minutes.

Merchants must update their online store to Miva 9.08, a free upgrade available to all users, in order to implement and take advantage of the Square features.