Performance In Focus for Miva Merchants

Cloud performance and security provider Yottaa announced a partnership with ecommerce platform Miva Merchant last week. If the customer experience matters, and you know it does (particuarly around the holidays), exploring solutions to optimize each and every interaction becomes of paramount importance. 

As Web retailers increasingly demand faster, more reliable and more scalable performance for their 'Net visitors, the benefits of Web optimization solutions begin to emerge. Two Miva Merchant clients ( and in particular can vouch for the importance of investing in performance optimziation solutions. Since deploying Yottaa Site Optimizer, both companies have seen a decrease in page download times, even during high traffic spikes. 

"We are always looking for new ways to help our online merchants not only offer the best customer service, but help them be more profitable," said Philip Hansen, operations manager at Miva Merchant. 

"Web performance directly impacts customer service and a business' bottom line. Yottaa helps deliver the speed, scalability and security our ecommerce customers depend on to conduct a successful online business."