Personalization Takes to the Skies

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 13 Apr, 2015

As brands look to increase their sales and engage with more consumers many are turning to personalization solutions to drive deeper connections with consumers.

Farelogix, a provider of distribution and merchandising technology to the travel industry, and Switchfly, a provider of enterprise software as a service (SaaS) solutions, have announced a new collaboration to deliver a series of website and ecommerce integrations. The integrations will range from simple "add-ons" for post-booking ancillaries to full end-to-end personalized shopping and booking. What's more, the sales and implementation packages that the two companies plan to offer to airlines are designed to be turnkey.

"Airlines need to ensure seamless day-to-day technology operations globally with an exceptional user experience via any device and channel in any currency, language and payment method. The Switchfly-Farelogix partnership opens the door to a new world of operational excellence, user experience and customer satisfaction," said Daniel Farrar, CEO of Switchfly. "Farelogix enhances and augments our air capability with merchandising and NDC expertise."