Protecting Special Audience Discounts

Does your ecommerce property offer military or student discounts? How can you confirm these buyers qualify? Well, if you're a Magento powered platform, you'll now be able to use SheerID's verification plugin to protect your most special, targeted discounts.

SheerID's recently announced integration with Magento enables ecommerce retailers to create and promote codes and discounts on the Web that can only be redeemed by qualified customers who belong to "select" customer groups such as veterans, active-duty military, teachers, college students, or members of preferred non-profit associations.

The integration for Internet retailers seems straightforward. SheerID now provides a plugin that uses the SheerID API to provide the instant verification capabilities. The actual verification can happen at any point within a Magento site, including targeted landing pages (using CMS template tags) or by adding the SheerID Verify block to a layout. SheerID indicated that in the future capabilities will include the addition of catalog items that require verification and verified account registration for creating preferred customer accounts.

"SheerID is excited to provide a solution for Magento platform users who want to offer targeted discounts without risking their ROI or margins," said SheerID CEO, Jake Weatherly. "SheerID has changed the face of online discounts. With SheerID, retailers can manage and track their special offers, expand their marketing, and deepen their discounts, all while eliminating fraud."