QR Codes Acceptance Increases

Today's on-the-go consumers want access to information, coupons - you name it - at their fingertips. As such, the adoption and acceptance of QR codes is growing.


A recent Pitney Bowes survey reports has QR Code usage in the U.S. now at 19 percent, up from 5 percent previously reported by Forrester Research the previous year. Pitney Bowes suggests two elements for this marketing tool. First, QR codes cross traditional and digital channels, adding value to both marketing avenues. Additionally, QR codes are  delivered through a mobile channel, which is fast becoming the preferred channel among consumers. Secondly, QR codes, when implemented as part of a cohesive marketing campaign are highly measurable. 


Pitney Bowes offers the following tips to marketers and merchants using QR codes: 


1. Focus on printed pieces such as magazine ads or packaging


2. Attach a message to communicate the customer value of scanning the code


3. Offer a mobile-friendly landing page


4. Use QR codes to integrate your digital and physical marketing programs  


5. Measure and analyze results 


6. Acknowledge, thank and reward your customers.  


"As marketers move toward measuring real time results of their campaigns, QR codes deliver a few of consumers as them change lanes from one channel to another," said Justin Amendola, vice president, global SMB digital strategy, Pitney Bowes. "Whether you are a local bridal shop or a multinational packaged goods brand, QR codes are a measurable new marketing tool that's gaining traction with consumers."


Download the full QR Code use report. For more QR code usage tips, click here