QUIZ TIME: Can You Predict the Future of Retail?

The holiday season has come and gone and while some retailers saw the fruits of their digital labor pay off in the form of high website conversion rates and above-average order values, others realized their lackluster performance may be directly tied to the website experience they presented to new and returning customers looking for the perfect gift. The good news about selling products and goods online is that forward thinking retailers can come out ahead regardless of how far they feel behind. Test your readiness in this month's Website Magazine Quiz Time. '

1. True or False:  Amazon's peak day of customer fulfillment in 2017 was Dec. 19, indicating shoppers are willing to trust retailers to deliver items on time.

2. In summer 2017, Walmart and Google announced a partnership to do what?
a. Rank retailers lower than Walmart for all search terms.
b. Enable consumers to shop Walmart.com through their voice-enabled Google Home device.
c. Sign up for Prime from the couch.

3. In addition to announcing 182 retail stores will close nationwide, the CEO of this popular chain wrote in a letter to customers, "...I want you to know that we can and will address the gaps in the experience that you may have had when shopping this holiday."
a. Toys "R" Us
b. Disney Store
c. Petco

4. True or False:  Customers' worldwide shopping on the Amazon App increased nearly 70 percent this holiday season.

5. With General Data Protection Regulation looming, HubSpot found that 49 percent of surveyed European Union consumers would reject this:
a. Retargeting ads.
b. The ability to see their data.
c. Personalized promotions.

6. Shopping is becoming an increasingly social experience. Drumroll monitored over 3 million tweets this holiday season and the most discussed brand was:

a. Sears
b. Etsy
c. Best Buy

7. The biggest jump in mobile revenue came after 6 p.m. on this day:
a. Cyber Monday
b. Black Friday
c. Thanksgiving

8. Amazon is raising its monthly Prime member ship rate by 18 percent and analysts expect this increase to reduce in a two percent ____ rate.
a. Churn
b. Bounce
c. Conversion

9. What is Dash?
a. A new apparel-delivery service that uses driverless vehicles.
b. A robotic grocery cart that imports a shopper's list, delivers the items to their car and then returns itself to the store.
c. Target's new monthly subscription program.

10. True or False:  In-store retail is still dominating online sales.

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