Reacting Quickly to Customer Insights

User management solution Janrain has released a new version of its platform which features an interactive dashboard to help digital marketers transform their personalization and targeting strategies.

Janrain's Customer Insights dashboard aggregates demographic, psychographic and behavioral data, enabling marketers to visualize and segment their customers in the pursuit of personalized marketing - and, of course, conversions.

In addition to the segmentation tools, the dashboard also provides analytics for social login and registration conversions, shared content and referral traffic tracking, as well as website analytics integrations.

"Marketers need to react quickly," said Larry Drebes, CEO of Janrain. "So we built a capability to explore customer data, allowing marketers to build new segments in real time." Marketers can build segments on the fly, based on variables in the customer profile like age, gender, location, relationship status, political affiliations, and more."