Reducing the Friction of Ecommerce Returns

Arthur Frank
by Arthur Frank 16 Jan, 2023

If there's one area where ecommerce could improve, it is in the realm of returns. It's not only a hassle for consumers, but can be quite expensive for retailers.

Ecommerce solution Newgistics, however, has announced the launch of a new solution that aims to drive greater efficiency and costs savings during the ecommerce returns process. 

The company's new SmartLabel+ offering intends to simplify returns for retailers and brands by utilizing the company tracking technology and network of facilities to move processing closer to the customer, increasing a retailer's ability to get inventory back into active stock.

Here how it works. When a customer initiates a return that uses SmartLabel+, parcels are routed to the nearest "First Touch" Newgistics facility instead of sending merchandise back to a retailer's distribution center. This enables Newgistics to quickly open and inspect a return, and then follow the appropriate instructions for processing specific products (such as donating, destroying or recycling a product, or cleaning, folding, bagging and tagging so it's ready to go back on a retailer's shelves).

"Newgistics invented and patented the SmartLabel return product 16 years ago when ecommerce was in its infancy. SmartLabel+ is the latest example of how we've continued to evolve and deliver on retailer needs and customer expectations," said Todd Everett, president and CEO of Newgistics.

"Returns are a critical part of the shopper experience and retailers are starting to realize that they can either upset or delight customers. We can make sure that returns are delightful for customers, while making them efficient for retailers and even creating opportunities to drive revenue."