Sales Hiring and Recruitment Challenges

If you thought hiring a developer was hard, try hiring a sales person!

ToutApp announced the results of a study which examined sales hiring and recruitment challenges within the technology industry and found that 80 percent are investing more on sales hires.

"After IT and product engineering, sales has really become the key to competitive advantage within most technology companies today," said Tahweed (TK) Kader, CEO and Founder of ToutApp. "From business development to deal closure, revenue is directly attributed to the success and effectiveness of your team. The more you invest in bringing in the best people, the better positioned you are against the competition."

The top-three staffing challenges for sales, according to the 300 HR managers surveyed, were: retaining top talent (47%); finding and recruiting experienced applicants (46%); and maintaining productivity (38%).

When asked to state how competitive it is within the technology industry to find, recruit and hire experienced sales talent, 70% of those polled called it "very competitive." Finding and hiring entry-level sales talent was also described as "very competitive" by more than half (52%) of all survey respondents.

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