Selling Digital Goods In-Store

Prepaid product and transaction company InComm has launched a very intriguing in-store digital sales program that allows retailers to expand their prepaid offerings.

Offline retailers can essentially begin offering new product categories including downloadable music, ebooks, digital gift cards, etc., by providing their mobile-minded shoppers/consumers a way to purchase these digital products at their traditional brick-and-mortar store locations (offered through a retailer-branded mobile website).

Customers browse prepaid display and spots signage offering digital content (see a demo here), then text a short code, a enter a URL, or scan a QR code that promotes and explains the program. The customer then lands on the retailers mobile web page and once they select a product to purchase, a barcode is displayed on the phone. When the consumer presents that barcode at checkout, it's scanned by the cashier. Shoppers then have the option to save the digital product, or send it via email.

The process sounds simple enough, making at least me wonder why more retailers haven't gone this route the past few years. Perhaps mobile as a sales channel has finally arrived.

"Today's consumers are almost always equipped with their mobile phones while shopping at our retail partners' stores, and we are always looking for innovative ways to help retailers turn consumers' interests and behaviors into increased sales," said Thomas Cornelius, Senior Vice President, InComm In-Store Digital Solutions.

"Giving customers instant access to an expanded catalog of traditional digital prepaid products, as well as adding purchasing options for categories like music, movies and books as virtual consumption of those products rises, is one way retailers can expand their product offering, stay relevant and continue to serve as a one-stop shopping destination."