Shoppers' Great Expectations [Infographic]

Retailers prep, stress and wait for the holidays all year, and with the NRF reporting that the winter holidays can represent as much as 20-40 percent of annual sales, who can blame them?


Their efforts, however, don't go unnoticed. Today's consumers are expecting and demanding a flawless holiday shopping experience and Baynote recently looked into how retailers met their expectations this holiday season. Today, Baynote revealed its 4th Annual Holiday Survey, which surveyed 1,000 U.S. online holiday shoppers following Cyber Monday, 2013, to gain insight into consumer behavior and key buying influencers across various retail channels, including physical stores, ecommerce websites, social networks, tablets and mobile devices.


"This year's holiday survey clearly demonstrates that consumers, driven by millenials, are challenging retailers to deliver an exceptional experience," said Marti Tedesco, senior director of marketing, Baynote. "For retailers, this means creating a seamless customer experience across all devices that is integrated with in-store shopping activities. Retailers who meet or exceed these consumer demands will flourish while others will fall behind."


A summary of Baynote's findings can be seen in the infographic below.