Small Retailers Sell Online, Thank LightCMS

As Internet professionals, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that more than half of small business owners still don't have a website, which is especially detrimental for those selling products to consumers.  

According to LightCMS, a cloud-based content management system, expanding into ecommerce has traditionally been a challenge for small retailers, demanding a significant upfront investment and technical skills from businesses that have few available resources. 

Website Magazine has spoken with retailers using LightCMS before and found it to be true that the NetSuite company lowers the barrier to entry for showcasing physical and digital goods online. 

In an effort to showcase how LightCMS helps small retailers jumpstart selling online, the company profiled three of its merchants running their online businesses on LightCMS: Israel Diamond Supply, Mumma Cakes and Sugarillashop. Here's what the three retailers had to say:

"An online presence is very important in this day and age and LightCMS gives us an easy way to get in touch with our customers and potential customers," said Chris Price, director of ecommerce at Israel Diamond Supply. "LightCMS is very easy to use without having to worry about code on the back end-pretty much like updating your Facebook. We have complete control of the content on our website so we don't have to rely on third parties to get things done."

"I can easily add products and make changes, and if I ever have a question, the LightCMS team is always there with an answer," said Nicole Dicker, Mumma Cakes owner and former test kitchen professional at Woman's Weekly magazine. "I like the design templates available in LightCMS because they suited the style I wanted and the ideas I had. I think it's a great platform and very user-friendly."

"The hurdle for us was how to build and maintain a website," said Stephanie Gonce, founder and owner of Sugarillashop. "That thought seemed very intimidating and ominous to us until we found LightCMS. LightCMS is very user-friendly and we never feel limited in what we can do. We're not worried about LightCMS's ability to grow with us because it's always on the cutting edge and provides us with everything we need even before we know we need it." 

It's clear these small retailers are pleased with the results from LightCMS, but the question becomes, how do they know the platform will scale with their businesses? For that, let's turn to LightCMS Director of Content Management Justin Cowan. 

"Though LightCMS's ecommerce functionality is extremely easy to use, it is also powerful enough to scale and grow as business needs change," said Cowan. "Plus, LightCMS is owned by NetSuite Inc., a leader in cloud-based ERP and ecommerce solutions. As a member of NetSuite's family of products, LightCMS is well-positioned to meet the needs of its customers now and in the future."