Smart(er) Decision Making for Amazon Sellers

Algorithmic pricing and business intelligence (BI) platform Feedvisor recently launched a new dashboard designed for high volume Amazon merchants.

The new Revenue Intelligence Dashboard utilizes Feedvisor's self-learning algorithms to present sellers with business information and "adaptive" alerts.

"Feedvisor's self-learning algorithms collect and analyze a massive amount of information from thousands of data points, which have until now been used to drive our repricing platform," said Eyal Lanxner, Feedvisor's Vice President of R&D. "We have now opened up this rich data to our customers in a clean and intuitive way, providing them with a level of knowledge they simply did not have access to before. Our new Dashboard delivers critical business insights and adaptive alerts, which will play a key role in the day-to-day management of a retailer's online business."

Feedvisor's algorithms analyze the competitive environment, product demand, and price elasticity of every product in a seller's portfolio, utilizing this information to identify issues that the seller could not have found otherwise. For example, the Dashboard will highlight items that are not selling or selling too fast, show the retailer exactly why this is happening, and enable them to immediately make any necessary changes. Stale inventory could mean that the seller needs to review the floor or ceiling price of the product, whereas inventory that is moving too fast could signify the need for the seller to alter their replenishment strategy.

The Revenue Intelligence Dashboard gives the seller both a high-level view of their key performance numbers (e.g. sales and profitability), and enables them to drill down to find more specific information. For example, sellers can now identify which brands are making the most profit, which top selling items are incurring a loss, or which items are no longer competitive. With the ability to learn from a customer's own business behavior and market experience, Feedvisor's self-learning algorithms grant the seller an understanding of their business previously unobtainable in the industry.